1. Setting up products, collections, navigation, and pages.
  2. Making changes to theme.
  3. Making changes to admin panel.
  4. Installing, setting up, and modifying (where available) apps.
  5. Adjusting product images.
  6. Creating custom banners.
  7. Setting up and managing Social Media accounts and PPC.


  1. Setting up products and collections (up to 500 SKUs).
  2. Setting up navigation and basic pages.
  3. Custom design entire store (including up to 5 themed banners).
  4. Custom design simple logo.
  5. Advanced theme customization to match design.
  6. Custom admin panel functionality.
  7. Set up payment, shipping, and taxes.


  1. Everything in the “Starter” package.
  2. Setting up products and collections (up to 2,000 SKUs).
  3. Importing products from Amazon or other platforms (up to 2,000 SKUs).
  4. Installation of advanced apps.
  5. Custom design Email templates.
  6. Creating Google Shopping feed.
  7. Setting up Social Media Accounts (FB & Instagram).